Chin Stroker VS Punter
298: Grease (1978)

This week we look at the 1978 High School Musical Grease.

We also do a touch of 'what we've watched' in the last few weeks including:

New X-Files

Quo Vadis

Bridge of Spies


..and more..

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The Beginners Guide to The X-Files Episode 3: Beyond The Sea

This week's ep is another Beginners Guide to The X-Files

Released on the eve of the new season, we look at season one episode Beyond The Sea.

We also find time to do a little catch up on what we've been watching (including David Bowie starring Labyrinth

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297: Netflix, Rickman and Bowie

This week we have a chat about a few recent watches and discuss the work of David Bowie and Alan Rickman.

We also look at the recent controversial press release from Netflix.

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296: What We've Been Watching January 2016. PART TWO

This week we do more catching up on what we've been watching over Xmas including:

The Santa Clause (Paul's take)

The Force Awakens



Priscilla Queen of the Desert

The Castle

Die Hard

The Day The Earth Stood Still

And many more

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295: What We've Been Watching January 2016. PART ONE

This week we catch up on what we've been watching including:

The Star Wars Trilogy

Star Wars Rebels Season 2


Home Alone

Toy Story 2

Paul's X-Files rewatch

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294: What We've Been Watching / The Skin I Live In

This week we have a bumper show with over an hour of what we've been watching including:

  • Earth VS The Flying Saucers
  • Vintage 'Making Of..' documentaries
  • The Flash Season 1
  • Supergirl Season 1
  • Agents of SHIELD Season 3
  • Chaos on the Bridge (Paul's take)
  • Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
  • Unstoppable (Paul's take)

And we have a feature discussion of Pedro Almodovar's weirdo thriller 'The Skin I Live In'

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293: What We've Been Watching December 2015

This week we catch up on what we have been watching, such as:


Fargo season 2

Mr Robot (Paul's take)

The Two Towers

The Return of the King

Electric Boogaloo: The Cannon Films Story

Best of Enemies

Your Sister's Sister

Jessica Jones (Paul's take)

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292: Bone Tomahawk

This week's Chinstroker VS Punter (Bone Tomahawk and what we've been watching) is now up! Enjoy, feedback and RETWEET! 

This week we look at the dark 2015 western Bone Tomahawk as well as some listener feedback.

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291: Listener Feedback and What We've Been Watching
This weeks Chinstroker VS Punter (listener feedback and what we've been watching) is now up! Enjoy, feedback and RETWEET/LIKE.

This week we do a combo of what we've been watching as well as some listener feedback. 

Topics covered:

Our favourite movie cars
Our memories of working at cinemas
Films that influenced our love of cinema
Agent X
How we record the podcast
Blind Spot
1980's playground terminology
Jeckyll and Hyde
South Park (new season)

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290: What We've Watched: November 2015 (and more)
This week we 
cover a whole
load of topics
the cultural
the Uk and
New Zealand,
the work of
Barry Van Dyke,
the new Star
Trek TV series,
confusing Bond
movie plots,
notable examples
of 'bottle
show' episodes
of TV shows
and a catch
up on what
been watching,
Back in Time (Mike's take)
Mr Robot (season 1)
Ash VS The Evil Dead (Pilot, Paul's take)
Supergirl (TV Pilot)
Canadian Airwolf
What We Do In The Shadows (Paul's take)
Attack on Titan
Phoenix 9
Power Rangers 

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