Chin Stroker VS Punter
Episode 4- Alexandra's Project

This weeks episode Is a bit of a controversial one! Paul and Mike turn into relationship experts as they Dissect Alexandra's Project and possibly realise the reason why they are both single!!  Also up for discussion are the lads thoughts on theatrical cuts vs directors cuts and why they are sliced to begin with. Why are married chicks so crazy? Plus with growing trend of splitting movies into 2 halves as Kill Bill did and Harry Potter is about to, is this cynical money-making or a genuine artistic choice?  All these burning questions and many more will be discussed (and sometimes even answered) in this edition of chinstroker vs punter...

Note: This episode was downloaded from the former site. Unforuately, this is one of the two or three episodes that mypodcast cut off before the end. The film discussion is intact, but it will cut off during the listener feedback section (around the time that Mike starts talking about the new Harry Potter film--damn you Voldemort!).

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