Chin Stroker VS Punter
Episode 10: Lake Placid & Tremors

In stark contrast to last episode, it’s a monster movie double feature this week as we take a look at two ‘90’s ‘mini-classics’; ‘Lake Placid’ and ‘Tremors’ Mike gives his verdict on ‘Indiana Jones and The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull’ and we wrap up with a token attempt at thematic cohesion by looking at a few of our fave monster flicks.

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Episode 9- Blue Velvet

Oh dear. It’s a ‘damn fine’ smack down as one of the chaps declares his undying love for David Lynch’s ‘Blue Velvet’ and the other deems it a travesty. Can you guess which one is which? In our most divisive hour so far (yes, we are including ‘In The Mood For Love’ when we say that) the 1986 bizzarro noir is looked at, as are a few flicks that the guys have caught recently such as a pig-nosed rom-com and some manifestly extreme French horror.

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Episode 8- Seven

It’s happy time!! Paul and Mike revisit David Fincher’s ray of sunshine ‘Seven’ (or is that ‘Se7en?. No, because that’s just silly) for the first time since they saw it in ’95. Does Brad Pitt overact? Why does Kevin Spacy always speak in a weird slow voice? And has Morgan Freeman become typecast? This is a long one, but here it be nonetheless. Other subjects covered include; Paul’s moral outrage at the levels marketing companies will sink to. Mike muses over pointless sequels and re-imaginings and a semantic argument ensues over what constitutes ‘violence’ in films.

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Episode 7- South Park- Bigger, Longer, and Uncut

The chaps have a look at the late '90's TV to film translation of the all singing, all dancing, all offending, all uncle f@#king South Park. Trying to resist the urge to descend into endless quotage, Paul and Mike take the film apart and put it back together again. We also talk about Paramount's underwhelming foray into Blu Ray.

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