Chin Stroker VS Punter
Episode 14: The Island

This week we take a pass at Michael Bay's 2005 sci-fi-er The Island. Controversy ensues, and battle lines are drawn. Is this harmless fun, or a cynical, borderline plageristic product placement-fest? You decide.

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Episode 13- Infernal Affairs

Episode 13, recorded on friday the 13th. Spooky. That does not, however, have any bearing on the content of this episode. We probably should have covered Friday The 13th, but our sense of thematic cohesion is a big pile of poo. This week we (belatedly) look at the Hong Kong crime thriller Infernal Affairs, the inspiration for Scorcese's return to form The Departed

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Episode 12: Portpourri & Procrastinations

So it’s come to this….. Due to a tech issue (that’s actually not true, we are just rubbish) our look at ‘Infernal Affairs’ is being pushed back a coupla days, so we decide to aim for more unchartered heights of randomness by looking at a whole bunch o’ topics, with absolutely no planning whatsoever. Some content beats no content. Well, maybe. TV shows. Sit-coms. Superheroes. Re-imaginings. DVD collections. Get discussed.

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Episode 11- Big Trouble in Little China

In the last genre film for a while we look at John Carpenter's 1986 comedy actioner. Unlike last weeks combative discussion, it's a bit of a love-in. We also take in an overview of JC's oeuvre,defend Speed Racer (against our better judgement) and Paul gives his views on Indiana Jones And the Etc, Etc. It's agreement-tastic.

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