Chin Stroker VS Punter
Episode 36: Jaws

Finally. Senor Spielbergo. Come get. [and don't forget to bring a bigger boat].

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In the most significant crossover episode since ‘Wiggum PI’, the Chin Stroker VS Punter lads hook up with Ian Loring from Cinerama to discuss Alan Ball’s filth strewn, suburban cringe-athon ‘Towel Head’.

More of these to come, soooo let us know what you think.

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Episode 35: JCVD

In the second of this weeks trilogy we have a butchers at a new release, JCVD starring well.. JCVD, in uncharacteristic reflective mood. Are action movies homoerotic? Of course not! We have some guest-age at the bottom of the show as a prelude to the upcoming Cinerama crossover too.

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Episode 34: Ed Wood

Well gee whiz! Tim Burton’s fairy tale partial biopic is discussed. The lines between reality and fantasy blur as this and other important issues, such as the definition of ‘Oscar picks’ are vociferously battled out. This is the first in a veritable metric butt tonne of content over the next week are so.

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Episode 33: Futurama- Bender's Big Score

We're back in TV-land (sort of) to take a look at the straight to DVD (and unofficial first four episodes of 'season 5' of Fox(boo, hisss)'s Futurama. Mike is back on the wine, so beware.

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