Chin Stroker VS Punter
Episode 45: The Devil's Tomb

Today we do our first 'blind pick' with the straight to DVD, surprisingly star filled (Cuba Gooding Jr, Ray Winstone, Ron Pearlman) writer's strike quickie 'The Devil's Tomb'

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Episode 44: Video Games VS Movies

The 'week of CvsP' begins to gain momentum. Today it's a head to head on the topic of pixals vs celluloid. Should the theatrical market throw in the towel and follow the gaming worlds business model of home entertainment, downloadable/subscribed content and social networking? What is the most cinematic video game?  What is the most videogamey film?  And do games make people kill each other?  Or worse yet, turn children into chavs?  Come see.

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Here be our guest slot on Ian Loring's rather wonderful 'Cinerama' where we discuss (to varying degrees of geekiness) JJ Abrams sexing up of the franchise.

Find Mr Loring and Cinerama via

(and older episodes can be found here)

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Episode 43- Barton Fink

This week, the bros Coen join Billy Wilder and (erm) Alex Proyas as 2nd timers on CvsP.  Chalupa from the LEBOWSKI PODCAST was good enough to join us for a discussion of 1991's Barton Fink. 

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