Chin Stroker VS Punter
Episode 51: Cannonball Run- Commentary

The 2nd part of out the 'Burt's Redneck Romance' Commentary season be here, so synch up thos DVD's A word of warning, this is MUCH more scene specific than the Smokey & The Bandit, so wait until you got a copy prepped, or it will make ZERO sense.

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Episode 50: Happy Birthday to Us

Party!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s our fiftieth birthday and we get back to our roots with wine aplenty (even Paul is off the wagon tonight) so throw on your party hats and join us for a listener feedback-led show, with a whole bunch of mini-topics and general good-hoots. Some thanks to our biggest supporters and pals: Ian Loring (we love ya man, you know your sh#t AND you can take a joke) David Munn (for some of our most detailed and on the ball feedback/discussion) Jim Moon (for awesome website and constant support) Sam Chow (our first feedbacker!!) GGTMC (for the plugging and for turning us on to some badass films) Nowhere In Mulberry (for being funny as all shit) James McNulty (total friend of the show) OTC & Big Red Podcast (keeping Mike sane at work) Horroretc (keep on truckin guys, LOVE your show) Everyone at (you know we didn’t mean it… ;-) ) Chalupa (you’re welcome on anytime man, for gentle plugging or otherwise) Tony (keep those voicemails coming bro) James Price (for becoming more popular than us, hope that condition clears up dog) And to anyone we forgot, I typed this totally fast.

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CHINERAMA: Episode 49- The Thing Commentary

As we nudge ever nearer our 50th birthday, Paul, Ian & Mike take a good long look at JC’s sci-fi horror mash up.

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Episode 48: Above the Law

Steven Seagal’s surprisingly plotty debut gets a look-see.

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Episode 47: Paul & Mike's Positivity Hour- "Remakes? Not so bad"

As a reaction to the general pissing and moaning about the 'state of cinema' in podcastland (you know who you are), we get on the positive tip and extend a big ol' 'relax guy' and look at the underrated phenomenon of the GOOD REMAKE. Yes, you read that right. Remakes can be good.

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Episode 46: Smokey and the Bandit-Commentary

Synch up that DVD of the '77 redneck romance Smokey & The Bandit and watch with us. Gasp in wonder at Burt's Trans Am. Oggle at Sally Fields incredible bottom.

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