Chin Stroker VS Punter
Episode 90: Bugsy Malone

This week we have a look at Alan Parker's cinematic debut 'Bugsy Malone' As well as discussing this 70's oddity, we catch up with our off topic viewing and do a spot of feedback.

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Episode 89: Fantastic Mr. Fox

This week we take a look at Wes Andersons, Roald Dahl adaptation 'Fantastic Mr Fox' We also find time to catch up on our recent viewing and return to our discussion of British TV by way of our listener feedback section.

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Episode 88: Cobra (a Commentary)

CvsP - Cobra - Commentary - Awesomeness!!

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Episode 87: British TV

This week we keep things close to home and look at Brit TV past and present.. It's a big topic, so we are just dipping out toes in, so if you want us to return to it, let us know...

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Episode 86- Sherlock Holmes (2009)

Could Hell have frozen over? Did we actually enjoy a Guy Richie movie? Download, listen and find out.

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