Chin Stroker VS Punter
Bonus Episode: A Conversation with Michael J. Anderson

Long time listeners will know that we do not need any excuse to talk 'Twin Peaks', so it was a pleasure to have a chat with genre legend Michael J Anderson about not only his work as 'The Man From Another Place' in 'Peaks' but his experiences working on Star Trek, The X-Files and Mulholland Drive...

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Episode 111- Sharkey's Machine

In an episode that was originally broadcast live on 28th August 2010, we take a look at Burt Reynolds' (that's right, Burt Reynolds) gritty urban thriller... Is this director Burt's finest hour? Did Mike enjoy Prince of Persia? Which host is wearing 'A-Team' underpants? And what is the definition of 'knockers' All shall be revealed... We also tease a huge new venture we are undertaking with some other 'familiar faces'

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Episode 110- Showgirls

In an epic episode we are joined by Emily from the 'gLeeKast' to discuss Paul Verhoeven's big budget camp-orama 'Showgirls'

Find the Gleekast here:

And Emily's fab blog:

Along the way we take in anime, American horror movies, baseball the perils of bad skin in HD

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Episode 109- Akira

The lads look at the influential anime 'Akira'.

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Episode 108- Beginners Guide to Star Trek: The Search for Spock

Another 'Beginners Guide To Star Trek' this week as we look at movie number three, the Leonard Nimoy directed 'Search For Spock'

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Episode 107- 12 Monkeys

This week we take a listener request (see, we do listen) and cover Terry Gilliam’s 1995 sci-fi (kind of) remake ‘12 Monkeys’

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Episode 106- In the Heat of the Night

We class things up a little this week with a discussion of Norman Jewison’s 1967 drama ‘In The Heat Of The Night’.

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