Chin Stroker VS Punter
Episode 124- Timecop

In what is, somewhat unbelievably (yet strangely believably) our THIRD JCVD movie, we look at 1995's TIMECOP directed by CvsP favourite Peter Hyams

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Episode 123- The Last Starfighter

Wine is drunk, early CGI sci-fi is covered.

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Episode 122- Rashomon

There's shocking reversals and unexpected confessions in this weeks episode as we look at Mike's side, Paul's side AND the truth of Akira Kurosawa's Rashomon...

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Episode 121- Live Show from 27th Nov 2010

This week we take some listener feedback, have fun on Twitter and have a chinwag with the chat-room. Topics covered you ask? Paul FINALLY catches The Walking Dead and Inception, Mike talks Harry Potter 7a, and we get into a lengthy discussion about budget vs content, with a couple of side roads into how 'expectations' can ruin films.... This episode is pretty much as recorded, so there is no fanciness or production value AT ALL, it be here in it's crappy glory...

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