Chin Stroker VS Punter
Episode 134- Sharktopus

Yes, so the podcast that mixes the low culture with the high, definately opts for the former this week as we look at the Corman produced, Eric Roberts starring 'SyFy' flick about a half shark, half octopus (or 'Sharktopus', if you will...) This could go EITHER WAY

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Episode 133- The Work of Kenneth Johnson

Long time listeners will know that we are fans of the cautionary eighties sci-fi mini series ‘V’. By way of follow up to our two previous looks at this ‘franchise’, we are joined by creator/writer, producer and director of ‘V’, Kenneth Johnson. In addition to ‘V’, Kenneth worked on ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’, created ‘The Bionic Woman’, was show-runner and writer/producer on ‘The Incredible Hulk’ and ‘Alien Nation’ and directed ‘Short Circuit 2’ We discuss his career and take a particular look at ‘V’, as well as getting an insight into the future of ‘V’ with his own feature film plans and sequel novel: ‘V: The Second Generation’ Visit Kenneth’s site (tell him CvsP sent you ;-)

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Episode 132- The Year in Geek 2011

In this episode we get topical and look at year of the geek: 2011 by way of discussing the upcoming franchise flicks, sequels, reboots and adaptations dropping this year. With 2012 bringing an ever geekier roster of films, this is a trend that looks to run and run...MANY thanks to those who donated to help keep us on the air...

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Episode 131- Beginners Guide to Star Trek TNG: The Measure of a Man

Nope, we had not forgot, we are back with a new episode of CvsP:BGtST (catchy eh?) After a look at the Shatner years, we start out into 'phase three' of Trek: The Next Generation. We will save you from the camp madness of season one, and start you off gently with the season 2 Episode 'The Measure of a Man'

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