Chin Stroker VS Punter
Episode 164- WCVSP: Movie Soundtrack Challenge

Different kind of show this week as we become our very own radio station for a couple of hours. We give our mixer a workout and spin some discs for you. Discussion of 14 of our favourite pieces of music from films ensues as we try and guess each others picks, then listen and chat. As always we find some time to catch up on what we've been watching and do some listener feedback.

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Episode 163- Deep Rising

It's the second in our Treat Williams duology, but will it fare any better than last weeks?

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Episode 162- Dead Heat

Wow.Short(for reasons that will become apparent pretty quickly) but fun episode this week as we get into a lively discussion regarding the 1988 action, horror comedy Dead Heat.

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Episode 161- JFK (Directors Cut)

It's a mad one this week, lot's of talking, lots of wine, lots of JFK. Apologies for the slightly overdriven sound, there were gremlins...

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