Chin Stroker VS Punter
193: Pure Luck

Dense, crazy show this week; as well as looking at the Martin Short comedy Pure Luck we have a huge catch up on what we have been watching as well as a controversial listener feedback section

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192: Death Wish (1974)

Back to buiness this week as we look at Michael Winner's controversial piece of vigilante exploitation.

As is our way we also catch up on what we have been waatching and do some listener feedback

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191: Beginners Guide to Star Trek, DS9: Duet

We press on into the grey moral territory of Deep Space Nine with the penumltinate episode of season one, DUET

We also have a Trek related 'what we've been watching' segment

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190: Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

We return to the ouevre of one Burt Reynolds with a foray into the musical.

As per usual we do a catchup on what we have been watching and a little (VERY LITTLE) listener feedback

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