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The Beginners Guide to The X-Files Episode 1: Pilot/Deep Throat

To celebrate the announcement that Chris Carter's seminal paranormal detective show, The X-Files, and OUR SEVENTH ANNIVERSARY, we begin our spin-off show The Beginners Guide to The X-Files where we will be looking at key episodes of the show over it's 9 season run.


We start off with the first two episodes 'Pilot' and 'Deep Throat'.


Star Trek fan's: fear not, we will be continuing our Beginners Guide to Star Trek series and will be back with a regular, film focused CvsP next week.




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CvsP 269: Duel (1971)

This weeks CvsP takes a look at the Steven Spielberg directed pseudo-debut Duel

We also hear from an AWOL listener and do a little catch up on what we have been watching including the pilot of Magnum PI featuring a certain Robert Loggia!

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CvsP 268: Our Film Educations

We go off-topic this week and look at the topic of film education and particularly the films that have taught us something about the medium. We also do some catching up on what we've been watching.

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CvsP 267: What We've Watched/Feedback March 2015

This week we take a breath and do a little catching up on what we've been watching and a little feedback.


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Twin Peaks Season 2.1

As a bonus, here is Mike on The Good, The Bad and the Odd podcast discussing the frst half of season 2 of Twin Peaks, we talked about season one here

Thanks again to Mark and check out his show here



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