Chin Stroker VS Punter (bonus episode)

It's an off week for CvsP, so to tide you over here is Mike's appearance on this week's ep of The Twin Peaks Log Podcast

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As a bonus for our off week here is a mammoth SEVEN HOUR compilation of previously recorded material relating to Twin Peaks which returns to our screens after a 27 year break

On CvsP we have championed the show since day one and wanted to celebrate its return by looking back at our coverage of the podcast as well as some guest spots on other shows and a few celebrity interviews

We cover:

  • Mike and Paul's first chat about the show from (gulp) seven years ago
  • Our interview with show creator Mark Frost and actor Michael J Anderson
  • Mikes guest spots on The Good, The Bad and The Odd and The Twin Peaks Log discussing the show and the movie.

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Twin Peaks Season 2.1

As a bonus, here is Mike on The Good, The Bad and the Odd podcast discussing the frst half of season 2 of Twin Peaks, we talked about season one here

Thanks again to Mark and check out his show here



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Bonus Episode- A Conversation with Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost

As it's back in the news, here's an interview we did a couple of years back to tide you over to next ep

Long time listeners will know that we have made reference to and provided coverage of the influential, surreal mystery series 'Twin Peaks'. We have already done an overview of the show, had Michael J Anderson on to discuss his career and contributions, but this is the biggie: this week Mike sits down for a chat with co-creator of Twin Peaks, Mark Frost.

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To tide you over until this week’s CvsP here is a 90 minutes discussion about the Pilot and first season of Twin Peaks that Mike was the guest for on the 'Good, the Bad and the Odd' podcast.

Enjoy, and thanks to Mark for having me!

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BONUS EPISODE: Salem's Lot (Mike guesting on The Good, The Bad and the Odd)

To tide you over until this weeks CvsP here is a 90 minutes discussion about Stephen King's 'Salem's Lot' that Mike was the guest for on the 'Good, the Bad and the Odd' podcast.

Enjoy, and thanks to Mark for having me!

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Bonus ep: Trailer Talk

Bonus ep time, we look at, and discuss trailers for a bunch of upcoming blockbusters

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BONUS: What's Your Damage Episode 4

To tide you over until our first CvsP of the year (coming soon, followed by regular weekly eps) here is a sample of Mike's other (80's themed) film Podcast, hosted with Noel Mellor from Adventure in VHS and 35MM Heroes.

In this one we discuss red Sonja, Santa Claus the Movie and Who framed Roger Rabbit?

Find the rest of our episodes at and feedback at

Our CvsP review of 'The Imposter' (2012) coming later this week

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BONUS EPISODE: What's Your Damage: Episode 1

This is the first ep of the new 80's-focused podcast Mike is doing with Noel from 35mm Heroes, enjoy..

Feedback us at or find the show at

New CvsP tomorrow!

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