Chin Stroker VS Punter (burt)

This week we make a (very) overdue return to the world of Burt Reynolds with a deep dive into Smokey & The Bandit 2 (aka Smokey & The Bandit Ride Again) from 1980

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190: Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

We return to the ouevre of one Burt Reynolds with a foray into the musical.

As per usual we do a catchup on what we have been watching and a little (VERY LITTLE) listener feedback

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Episode 145: Stroker Ace

You better believe we're back in BURT-LAND as we return to the oeuvre of a certain Hal Needham, for a discussion of the 1983 Nascar comedy 'Stroker Ace' If that's not your bag, then why not check out the 'what we've watched' and/or voicemail sections...

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Episode 111- Sharkey's Machine

In an episode that was originally broadcast live on 28th August 2010, we take a look at Burt Reynolds' (that's right, Burt Reynolds) gritty urban thriller... Is this director Burt's finest hour? Did Mike enjoy Prince of Persia? Which host is wearing 'A-Team' underpants? And what is the definition of 'knockers' All shall be revealed... We also tease a huge new venture we are undertaking with some other 'familiar faces'

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Episode 85: Gator (1976)

We have fun returning to Burtworld this week with a look at the surprisingly gritty pre-Smokey & The Bandit: 'Gator', directed by none other then MR Reynolds himself...

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Episode 55: Hooper

As they close out their Burt Reynolds ‘Redneck Romance’ arc, with the criminally underappreciated ‘Hooper’, the lads are joined by The Samurai from ‘The Gentleman’s Guide To Midnite Cinema’. ( Things inevitably get homoerotic as the rather ‘special’ friendship that Burt (and his fetching Y-fronts) shares with Jan Michael Vincent goes under the microscope, as does Sally Fields’ rather incredible bottom.

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Episode 51: Cannonball Run- Commentary

The 2nd part of out the 'Burt's Redneck Romance' Commentary season be here, so synch up thos DVD's A word of warning, this is MUCH more scene specific than the Smokey & The Bandit, so wait until you got a copy prepped, or it will make ZERO sense.

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Episode 46: Smokey and the Bandit-Commentary

Synch up that DVD of the '77 redneck romance Smokey & The Bandit and watch with us. Gasp in wonder at Burt's Trans Am. Oggle at Sally Fields incredible bottom.

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