Chin Stroker VS Punter (chinerama)
BONUS: Chinerama, 100 Minutes/100 Movies

Some extra content for you, just for the sheer heck of it.

Mike from CvsP joins Ian from Cinerama to try and review/analyse 100 films in 100 minutes. That's right, your favourite wafflers are limited to sicty seconds to talk about 100 of their favorite films


Chin Stroker VS Punter:

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CHINERAMA: Episode 49- The Thing Commentary

As we nudge ever nearer our 50th birthday, Paul, Ian & Mike take a good long look at JC’s sci-fi horror mash up.

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Here be our guest slot on Ian Loring's rather wonderful 'Cinerama' where we discuss (to varying degrees of geekiness) JJ Abrams sexing up of the franchise.

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CHINERAMA: Episode 40- Commando

Ian from Cinerama joins us again to discuss the Arnie cheesefest 'Commando'. Homoeroticism (why don't they just call him Girl George?) in action flicks and the changing face of he muscle man are analysed, and the precise definition of 'cranking' is revealed.

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In this 2009 episode from Cinerama: the Birmingham lads join Bristol's own, Ian Loring, for a sobering discussion of Zack Snyder's lover letter to superhero desconstructionism... Watchmen. This episode taps out at about 3 hours, so grab a beer, and share in the love.

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In the most significant crossover episode since ‘Wiggum PI’, the Chin Stroker VS Punter lads hook up with Ian Loring from Cinerama to discuss Alan Ball’s filth strewn, suburban cringe-athon ‘Towel Head’.

More of these to come, soooo let us know what you think.

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