Chin Stroker VS Punter (film)
Episode 176: Iron Man

This week we look at Marvel Pictures debut as well as a look at the associated films in this loose franchise group.


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Episode 175 - The Death of the Actor?

This week (on our shiny new feed no less) we have an off-topic discussion about the rise of motion and performance capture and its impact on flesh and blood thesps.

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Episode 174- Howl's Moving Castle

This week we look at the Studio Ghibli flick Howl's Moving Castle. We also do some admin and discuss some upcoming changes to the show, including a POSSIBLE MOVE to, so if episodes stop showing on this feed then you know where to go...

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Episode 171- Annie Hall

This week we take a look at Woody Allen's career defining romantic comedy Annie Hall, discuss the neurotic one's work in general, catch up on our recent viewing and do some feedback.

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Episode 170- Cinema Paradiso

This week we take a look at Giuseppe Tornatore's much lauded love letter to cinema from 1988. Will it pass muster? Don't care? Fear not, plenty of other film talk thrown in t'boot.

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Episode 169- Grandma's Boy

This week we disagree about the 'Happy Madison' stoner comedy from 2006. Not seen it? Fear not, Paul treats us with a bumber update of what he's been watching too. Oh, search us out on FACEBOOK too.

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Episode 167- The Long Kiss Goodnight

Jane joins us this week for a look at Renny Harlin's mid-nineties, Shane Black penned actioner.

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Episode 165- Back to the Future

Bit of a classic this week as we get nostalgic over the days when Robert Zemeckis actually made films with real live skin-jobs as we look at 1985's 'Back to the Future.' As always we find some time to catch up on what we've been watching and do some listener feedback.

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Episode 163- Deep Rising

It's the second in our Treat Williams duology, but will it fare any better than last weeks?

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Episode 162- Dead Heat

Wow.Short(for reasons that will become apparent pretty quickly) but fun episode this week as we get into a lively discussion regarding the 1988 action, horror comedy Dead Heat.

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