Chin Stroker VS Punter (tv)
Episode 101- Twin Peaks: An Overview

This week we take a break from live episodes to have along overdue look at 90’s pop-cult phenomenon ‘Twin Peaks’. A few myths are busted and both seasons of the show get deconstructed... 

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Episode 87: British TV

This week we keep things close to home and look at Brit TV past and present.. It's a big topic, so we are just dipping out toes in, so if you want us to return to it, let us know...

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Episode 73: Idiot Box 3

It's that time again folks as Mike and I settle down to discuss the high lights and Low points of the current crop [2009] of T.V shows. Hope you like!!

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Episode 68: To V or Not to V

Having both watched the pilot of "V 2009" this week (and to nicely tie up our original coverage of Kenny J's sci-fi mini series) we offer our humble opinions - enjoy! Thanks to Emily for the voice mail but we need more people!

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Episode 65: Idiot Box- Joss Whedon

Idiot Box – ‘Joss Whedon & TV to Film & Back Again Part 2’ Wowza, how long is THAT title? This week we cast a discerning eye over the filmography of writer/producer/director/feminist/raconteur Joss Whedon. We also look at TV shows that would make great movies, and movies that would make great TV shows.

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Episode 42: Idiot Box 2-Pilot Experiment

In the latest instalment of what looks like becoming a regular feature, we take a look at another bunch of TV shows.  This time Crazy P (BIG TV fan) picks some recent pilots for Mike (not so much a TV fan) to take a look at and probably disagree about.  We cast our (ahem) discerning eyes over a few other random shows and generally talk it up.

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Episode 33: Futurama- Bender's Big Score

We're back in TV-land (sort of) to take a look at the straight to DVD (and unofficial first four episodes of 'season 5' of Fox(boo, hisss)'s Futurama. Mike is back on the wine, so beware.

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Episode 30: The Idiot Box

So it's Christmas apparently, and in our usual style, we are putting out an episode that has absolutely no baring on the festive season whatsoever.  What we do have though is a looong overdue look or four of our favourite TV shows.

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Episode 15- V: The Original Mini Series

Do you remember the 1984 Olympics? No, neither do we, we were watching ‘V’! This week we take a break from movies to look at the original, two-part, three hour mini series event, ‘V’ Forget ‘The Final Battle’, and TRY and forget the weekly TV show, we will remind you why Kenneth Johnson’s WW2 analogy, and love letter to the spirit of freedom deserves a re-appraisal. With a running time that befits the epic-ness of its subject matter, we ponder such subjects as; if ‘V’ had been made in the nineties (and in Canada) would it have stared Barry Van Dyke as Mike Donovan? Why don’t the Visitors just ‘ask nicely’ for all of our water? And what is to come of Kenny J’s long in development ‘V-The Second Generation’? Come see. And Vive le resistance!!!!

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