Chin Stroker VS Punter (film)
Episode 22: The Kid Stays In The Picture

After a slight delay we return with a look at 2002's "The Kid Stays In The Picture", an entertaining look at the life and work of the Ali McGraw lovin, Charlie snorting, Godfather producing Robert Evans. This is a man who was so money, Jack Nicholson had his back. Speaking of which, we also hear from our homie Ian, over at the capital Cinerama podcast and take a look at some listener emails. Yeah boy!

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Episode 21.2: Manhunter, Part 2

Here's the second and final part of our big old look at Michael Mann's "Manhunter" We also take a look at some emails, as well as some wise words regarding the state of cinema exhibition from Ian Loring, over at the Cinerama Podcast.

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Episode 21.1: Manhunter, Part 1

Due to the unwieldy length of our discussion of Michael Mann's fantastic "Manhunter" we have chopped this episode up into two parts. Here be Numero Uno. Can Paul get past the Eighties-ness of the score? Is this film responsible for CSI? (and by default "Crime Scene; Scene Of The Crime") We look at all of these issues in forensic detail.

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Episode 20: Signs

So this week's discussion centres around M Night Shyamamalamalans 2002 sci fi drama 'Signs', starring Mel (Im not a racist) Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix. After the drunken cluster F that was the Animal House episode we reign in the drinking (a little) and discuss amongst other things can M Night Act/Write/Direct? and more to the point should he be allowed to? Mike actually defends Pauls choice of film even more than Paul does! and the boy's almost start a religous war!! As usual there's a good batch of emails (thanks to all that contributed) and thankfully, this week, no singing!!

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Episode 19: National Lampoon's Animal House

Why is it that the dumber the film, the longer the episode? Is there some sort of correlation? The answer of course, is maybe. Apologies in advance are required, as are warnings to the faint of heart. In keeping with the subject matter, the chaps down four bottles of wine (and that is just during the show) and look at John Landis' 1978 frathouse, guitar smashing, toilet exploding, JD swigging, Oatis Day dancin', horse murdering, toga wearing monolith ANIMAL HOUSE. In what is easily our most shameful episode yet (and hopefully ever) we plug some other 'casts, sing ( I sh#t you not), answer some reader mail and pretty much do whatever seemed like a good idea at the time.

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Episode 18: Pierrepoint

A spot of Brit Cinema this week, with the Timothy Spall starring, Adrian Shergold directed,  Pierrepoint: The Last Hangman from 2006.

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Episode 17: The Wizard of OZ

We dial down the machismo of the last few episodes by looking at the 1939 Technicolor trippy campathon The Wizard Of Oz. And somehow, I STILL think the Demon Knight episode was longer. Oh what a world, what a world... We throw in some email discussion, and chat up the Watchmen trailer.

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Episode 16- Tales From the Crypt: Demon Knight

The guys worship at the alter of Zane, Sadler et al, for this underappreciated comedy-horror gem.

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Episode 14: The Island

This week we take a pass at Michael Bay's 2005 sci-fi-er The Island. Controversy ensues, and battle lines are drawn. Is this harmless fun, or a cynical, borderline plageristic product placement-fest? You decide.

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Episode 13- Infernal Affairs

Episode 13, recorded on friday the 13th. Spooky. That does not, however, have any bearing on the content of this episode. We probably should have covered Friday The 13th, but our sense of thematic cohesion is a big pile of poo. This week we (belatedly) look at the Hong Kong crime thriller Infernal Affairs, the inspiration for Scorcese's return to form The Departed

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