Chin Stroker VS Punter (film)
Episode 117- Children of Men

The guys take a look at 'Children Of Men'...

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Episode 116- Belleville Rendezvous

It is a return to culture this week as we look at Sylvain Chomet's 'Les Triplettes Du Belleville'

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Episode 113- The Proposition

A listener request (cheers Vishnu!) and a rare foray into the 'blind watch' for 2005's 'The Proposition' starring Ray Winstone and 'Mike from Neighbours'

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Episode 112- Tango & Cash

After many requests, we look at this late entry in the eighties buddy action cycle, catch up on what we have watched, gently plug the new forums and take some listener feedback

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Episode 110- Showgirls

In an epic episode we are joined by Emily from the 'gLeeKast' to discuss Paul Verhoeven's big budget camp-orama 'Showgirls'

Find the Gleekast here:

And Emily's fab blog:

Along the way we take in anime, American horror movies, baseball the perils of bad skin in HD

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Episode 109- Akira

The lads look at the influential anime 'Akira'.

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Episode 107- 12 Monkeys

This week we take a listener request (see, we do listen) and cover Terry Gilliam’s 1995 sci-fi (kind of) remake ‘12 Monkeys’

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Episode 106- In the Heat of the Night

We class things up a little this week with a discussion of Norman Jewison’s 1967 drama ‘In The Heat Of The Night’.

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Episode 104- Hard to Kill

Live show from 17th July 2010… We look at a whole bunch o’ stuff including ‘Repo Men’, ‘Haven’, ‘Inception’, ‘Predators’, ‘The Last Dragon’ and (as our main course) ‘Hard To Kill’…

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Episode 103- Shadow of a Doubt

This week it is like old times as we engage in a drag out knock down brawl over the overlooked Hitchcock thriller.. We also catch up on our TV/movie viewing and gaming for the last week..

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