Chin Stroker VS Punter (general)
Episode 178 'Little Shop of Horrors'

This week we look at Roger Corman's micro budget horror comedy, and do a fairly mammoth catch-up on what we have been watching.

Sorry about the rather abrupt end, but we decided to hold off on feedback till next time, speaking of which:

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Episode 172- Favourite Film Openings

For this week's ep we are joined by our pal John as we discuss a few of our favourite movie openings...

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Episode 168- PUNCH the Air!

This week we throw out a few of our favourite 'punch the air' moments, catch up with what we've been watching over Xmas and do a spot of listener feedback.

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Episode 166- WCVSP:TV Intro Challenge

You asked for it, so you've got it... This week we follow up on the conept of ep 164 by spinning some of our fave TV themes whilst discussing the opening credits and in some cases the shows themselves. As always we find some time to catch up on what we've been watching and do some listener feedback.

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Episode 164- WCVSP: Movie Soundtrack Challenge

Different kind of show this week as we become our very own radio station for a couple of hours. We give our mixer a workout and spin some discs for you. Discussion of 14 of our favourite pieces of music from films ensues as we try and guess each others picks, then listen and chat. As always we find some time to catch up on what we've been watching and do some listener feedback.

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Episode 150

As is tradition with all of our 'big number' eps, this week we bring you a glorious, drunken mess! Mike, Paul and Jane discuss (along with numerous listeners) some classic movie DEATHS!!!

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Episode 148- Pot Pourri & Procrastinations: What We've Been Watching special

Due to the last two episodes of CvsP being devoid of the 'what we've been watching segment' we catch up with a bumper look at MANY things we have been checking out...

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Bonus Episode- A Conversation with Mark Frost

Long time listeners will know that we have made reference to and provided coverage of the influential, surreal mystery series 'Twin Peaks'. We have already done an overview of the show, had Michael J Anderson on to discuss his career and contributions, but this is the biggie: this week Mike sits down for a chat with co-creator of Twin Peaks, Mark Frost.

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Episode 133- The Work of Kenneth Johnson

Long time listeners will know that we are fans of the cautionary eighties sci-fi mini series ‘V’. By way of follow up to our two previous looks at this ‘franchise’, we are joined by creator/writer, producer and director of ‘V’, Kenneth Johnson. In addition to ‘V’, Kenneth worked on ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’, created ‘The Bionic Woman’, was show-runner and writer/producer on ‘The Incredible Hulk’ and ‘Alien Nation’ and directed ‘Short Circuit 2’ We discuss his career and take a particular look at ‘V’, as well as getting an insight into the future of ‘V’ with his own feature film plans and sequel novel: ‘V: The Second Generation’ Visit Kenneth’s site (tell him CvsP sent you ;-)

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Episode 132- The Year in Geek 2011

In this episode we get topical and look at year of the geek: 2011 by way of discussing the upcoming franchise flicks, sequels, reboots and adaptations dropping this year. With 2012 bringing an ever geekier roster of films, this is a trend that looks to run and run...MANY thanks to those who donated to help keep us on the air...

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