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Episode 148- Pot Pourri & Procrastinations: What We've Been Watching special

Due to the last two episodes of CvsP being devoid of the 'what we've been watching segment' we catch up with a bumper look at MANY things we have been checking out...

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Bonus Episode- A Conversation with Mark Frost

Long time listeners will know that we have made reference to and provided coverage of the influential, surreal mystery series 'Twin Peaks'. We have already done an overview of the show, had Michael J Anderson on to discuss his career and contributions, but this is the biggie: this week Mike sits down for a chat with co-creator of Twin Peaks, Mark Frost.

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Episode 133- The Work of Kenneth Johnson

Long time listeners will know that we are fans of the cautionary eighties sci-fi mini series ‘V’. By way of follow up to our two previous looks at this ‘franchise’, we are joined by creator/writer, producer and director of ‘V’, Kenneth Johnson. In addition to ‘V’, Kenneth worked on ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’, created ‘The Bionic Woman’, was show-runner and writer/producer on ‘The Incredible Hulk’ and ‘Alien Nation’ and directed ‘Short Circuit 2’ We discuss his career and take a particular look at ‘V’, as well as getting an insight into the future of ‘V’ with his own feature film plans and sequel novel: ‘V: The Second Generation’ Visit Kenneth’s site (tell him CvsP sent you ;-)

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Episode 132- The Year in Geek 2011

In this episode we get topical and look at year of the geek: 2011 by way of discussing the upcoming franchise flicks, sequels, reboots and adaptations dropping this year. With 2012 bringing an ever geekier roster of films, this is a trend that looks to run and run...MANY thanks to those who donated to help keep us on the air...

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Episode 128- Non-Live, Live Show: The BEST

Confused yes? Ok here’s the skinny, we were gonna do a live show this month, but the tech (and scheduling) conspired so we went ahead with the recording, but didn’t broadcast it live over Ustream. As per ‘real’ live show’s it is a ‘topic’ show this week as we discuss the concept of ‘the best’. We have all seen the lists of “The best film of all time...” and this poses many questions.. Do we agree with them? Who writes these things? Are ‘favourite’ and ‘best’ different? Should they be? Do we care? Did we do ANY planning for this show?? Throw in a displaced chat about our recent viewing and some listener feedback and it almost feels like a podcast... 

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Episode 125- Xmas Live Show/2010 Round Up

Our 2010 round up originally broadcast live on Xmas eve 2010

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Episode 121- Live Show from 27th Nov 2010

This week we take some listener feedback, have fun on Twitter and have a chinwag with the chat-room. Topics covered you ask? Paul FINALLY catches The Walking Dead and Inception, Mike talks Harry Potter 7a, and we get into a lengthy discussion about budget vs content, with a couple of side roads into how 'expectations' can ruin films.... This episode is pretty much as recorded, so there is no fanciness or production value AT ALL, it be here in it's crappy glory...

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Episode 115- Britian VS America

In a show that was originally broadcast live on 25th September 2010 we split the show between a lengthy catch up of what we have been viewing over the last couple of weeks and a discussion of the merits of the films of these two great nations.

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Bonus Episode: A Conversation with Michael J. Anderson

Long time listeners will know that we do not need any excuse to talk 'Twin Peaks', so it was a pleasure to have a chat with genre legend Michael J Anderson about not only his work as 'The Man From Another Place' in 'Peaks' but his experiences working on Star Trek, The X-Files and Mulholland Drive...

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Episode 100

How the hell did this happen...? There have been 100 episodes of CHIN STROKER VS PUNTER!! And as we did with our half-hundred (aka: 50th) episode, we hand the reins to our listeners and take questions from both our email basket (, our phone lines ( 206-339-7698 if you’re are in America, and 001-206-339-7698 if you are a fellow Brit) and from the chat-room (full of folks who kindly joined us LIVE at: Things inevitably get ‘tired and emotional’ Oh and as Metal Mikey asked so nicely, and as it is our Birthday, here are the ‘abused child scrawling’ also known as ‘Mike’s notes’

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