Chin Stroker VS Punter (general)
Episode 121- Live Show from 27th Nov 2010

This week we take some listener feedback, have fun on Twitter and have a chinwag with the chat-room. Topics covered you ask? Paul FINALLY catches The Walking Dead and Inception, Mike talks Harry Potter 7a, and we get into a lengthy discussion about budget vs content, with a couple of side roads into how 'expectations' can ruin films.... This episode is pretty much as recorded, so there is no fanciness or production value AT ALL, it be here in it's crappy glory...

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Episode 115- Britian VS America

In a show that was originally broadcast live on 25th September 2010 we split the show between a lengthy catch up of what we have been viewing over the last couple of weeks and a discussion of the merits of the films of these two great nations.

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Bonus Episode: A Conversation with Michael J. Anderson

Long time listeners will know that we do not need any excuse to talk 'Twin Peaks', so it was a pleasure to have a chat with genre legend Michael J Anderson about not only his work as 'The Man From Another Place' in 'Peaks' but his experiences working on Star Trek, The X-Files and Mulholland Drive...

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Episode 100

How the hell did this happen...? There have been 100 episodes of CHIN STROKER VS PUNTER!! And as we did with our half-hundred (aka: 50th) episode, we hand the reins to our listeners and take questions from both our email basket (, our phone lines ( 206-339-7698 if you’re are in America, and 001-206-339-7698 if you are a fellow Brit) and from the chat-room (full of folks who kindly joined us LIVE at: Things inevitably get ‘tired and emotional’ Oh and as Metal Mikey asked so nicely, and as it is our Birthday, here are the ‘abused child scrawling’ also known as ‘Mike’s notes’

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Episode 99- Blockbusters

For our 99th ep we take a look at the changing face of ‘the blockbuster’, discuss it’s meaning and ponder some of the trends and big-players in this prevalent form of movie making (thanks to Cinerama’s Ian Loring for the suggestion..) Cheers to the guys who joined us live in the chat-room as a tech test for episode 100...

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Episode 82: Re-casts

This week we take a journey through fantasy land as we re-cast some famous films just for the hell of it! Will you agree with our choices? can you do any better? bring it on, San Dimas High School Football RULES!!!

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Episode 78: Style VS Substance

This week we catch up on what we’ve been checkin out over the last few weeks with an epic variety of stuff from Doogie Howser, M.D. to Inglorious Basterds, prior to the main event: We go back to the central conceit of the show and thrash out the balance, importance and meaning of ‘style or substance’ Enjoy… Music clips on this weeks show come from Guru’s "Jazzmatazz."

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Episode 77- The 2000's: End of the Decade Show

As we finish a decade, you'd assume we'd be doing our films of the decade right? WRONG We are far too presumptous for that, download and learn more...

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Episode 63: 80's VS 90's

It's another battle this week as it's pastel vs noir, designer stubble vs goatee, Dave Lee Roth vs Kurt Cobain.

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Episode 60: Films VS TV

Self explanatory really! Cheers to Fakeshemp ( for calling in and helping settle things!

[Just a heads up, folks, the audio is a bit wonky on this one.]


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