Chin Stroker VS Punter (star trek)
212: Beginners Guide to Star Trek, Deep Space 9: Improbable Cause/The Die is Cast

Things get real in season 3 DS9 as we move into one of Treks more intense story arcs

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208: Beginners Guide to Star Trek DS9 Past Tense 1 & 2

Discussion of the season 3 ep and a catch up on what we've done


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205: Beginners Guide to Star Trek DS9 the Search Parts 1 and 2

we look at the first two eps of season three of Deep Space Nine

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195: Beginners Guide to Trek: DS9 - Necessary Evil

We dig deeper into the black sheep of the Trek family with this episode from season 2 of Deep Space Nine.

We also do a little catching up onm what we've been watching lately.

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191: Beginners Guide to Star Trek, DS9: Duet

We press on into the grey moral territory of Deep Space Nine with the penumltinate episode of season one, DUET

We also have a Trek related 'what we've been watching' segment

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185: Beginners Guide to Star Trek: DS9:EMMISARY

Wow, these Trek ep titles are getting pretty long right?

We cover the first two (broadcast as one feature length) episodes of the Next Generatiob spin-off.

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182: Beginners Guide to Trek: First Contact

All good things...

We finish off the Next Generation era of our Beginners Guide to Star Trek sequence by looking at the second of the Next Gen movies, 1996's First Contact.

we also look at the other TNG movies and catch up on what we've been watching including Menin Black 3, 16 Candles and Prometheus.

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Episode 177: Beginners Guide to Star Trek TNG: All Good Things

This week we see out our coverage of the Next Generation with this 2 parter from season 7.


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Episode 173- Beginners Guide to Star Trek TNG: Chain of Command

We are finally back in the Trek-verse with a look at this two-parter from the Next Generation.There is also a bumper catch up on what we've been watching

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Episode 160- Beginners Guide to Star Trek TNG: The Inner Light

It's a fan favourite, but will it be a CvsP favourite? We take a look at this thoughtful episode of Season 5 of The Next Generation.

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