Chin Stroker VS Punter (star trek)
Episode 96- Beginners Guide to Star Trek: City on the Edge of Forever

This week we move closer to the end of the TOS (that's "the original series" to civilians) era of Trek with the Harlan Ellison's well regarded, literate "City On The Edge of Forever"

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Episode 91- Beginner's Guide to Star Trek: Balance of Terror

We journey on through the shows first season with this underrated world builder, rife with continuity porn for the new viewer

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Episode 84- Beginner's Guide to Star Trek Part 3: THE MENAGERIE

The only two parter in Trek's original run gets a chin wagging.

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Episode 81: Beginners Guide to Star Trek, Part 2

Space, the final frontier. This is the second part of our beginners guide to Star Trek. Our ongoing mission, to seek out new fans of Trek, to educate and entertain, to boldly go where many single men have gone before...

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Episode 79: Beginners Guide to Star Trek, Part 1

In the wake of the succesful reboot/remake/reimagining of Star Trek, many have expressed an interest in the franchise but are left baffled and intimidated by the sheer amount of it. But fear not, in this first part of a sporadically ongoing series, we will lead you through key episodes  of each season of the behemoth. We also tackle some listener feedback (and the early stages of the inevitable backlash regarding our H2 and The Final Destination comments)as well as a catch up of the film and TV we have eaten up since last time.

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Episode 39- Star Trek: The Franchise

With JJ Abrams’ newer, younger and (erm) hipper version of Star Trek on the horizon we figured we’d get a head start on all of the other inevitable Trek-ccentric podcasts and take a look at the whole damned phenomenon. Off the cuff, and ‘Skyped’, this is a little rough around the edges, but what the heckity!

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