Chin Stroker VS Punter

Here be our guest slot on Ian Loring's rather wonderful 'Cinerama' where we discuss (to varying degrees of geekiness) JJ Abrams sexing up of the franchise.

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Episode 43- Barton Fink

This week, the bros Coen join Billy Wilder and (erm) Alex Proyas as 2nd timers on CvsP.  Chalupa from the LEBOWSKI PODCAST was good enough to join us for a discussion of 1991's Barton Fink. 

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Episode 42: Idiot Box 2-Pilot Experiment

In the latest instalment of what looks like becoming a regular feature, we take a look at another bunch of TV shows.  This time Crazy P (BIG TV fan) picks some recent pilots for Mike (not so much a TV fan) to take a look at and probably disagree about.  We cast our (ahem) discerning eyes over a few other random shows and generally talk it up.

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Episode 41: King of New York

You want chaos?  Well you've got it pal! This week we look at Abel Ferrara's hip-hoptastic crime flick King Of New York. Several minutes before we recorded this episode we decided to send out a Tweet ( inviting anyone who was 'out there' to join us as guests/live studio audience.  We may do this again so WATCH THE SKYS

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CHINERAMA: Episode 40- Commando

Ian from Cinerama joins us again to discuss the Arnie cheesefest 'Commando'. Homoeroticism (why don't they just call him Girl George?) in action flicks and the changing face of he muscle man are analysed, and the precise definition of 'cranking' is revealed.

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Episode 39- Star Trek: The Franchise

With JJ Abrams’ newer, younger and (erm) hipper version of Star Trek on the horizon we figured we’d get a head start on all of the other inevitable Trek-ccentric podcasts and take a look at the whole damned phenomenon. Off the cuff, and ‘Skyped’, this is a little rough around the edges, but what the heckity!

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Episode 38: Sympathy For Lady Vengeance

This podcast was recorded during the day. And sober...Yes, really.

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In this 2009 episode from Cinerama: the Birmingham lads join Bristol's own, Ian Loring, for a sobering discussion of Zack Snyder's lover letter to superhero desconstructionism... Watchmen. This episode taps out at about 3 hours, so grab a beer, and share in the love.

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Episode 37: Sunset Blvd

Well, the 'love in' is over as the final part of our loose 'hollywood nightmares' themed episode's drop, as Billy Wilders crazy-eyed pseudo noir is looked at.

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Episode 36: Jaws

Finally. Senor Spielbergo. Come get. [and don't forget to bring a bigger boat].

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