Chin Stroker VS Punter
Episode 34: Ed Wood

Well gee whiz! Tim Burton’s fairy tale partial biopic is discussed. The lines between reality and fantasy blur as this and other important issues, such as the definition of ‘Oscar picks’ are vociferously battled out. This is the first in a veritable metric butt tonne of content over the next week are so.

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Episode 33: Futurama- Bender's Big Score

We're back in TV-land (sort of) to take a look at the straight to DVD (and unofficial first four episodes of 'season 5' of Fox(boo, hisss)'s Futurama. Mike is back on the wine, so beware.

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Episode 32: Dirty Harry

Hey punks! Dirty Harry gets a look this week. We tackle early seventies politics, the current political correctness backlash and the history of the ‘runaround’ sequence.

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Episode 31: Black Narcissus

Paul displays hidden dimensions with this weeks baffling pick, Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger's 1947 crazy nun classic Black Narcissus. Walk with us through the chafing winds as we argue about precisely how sexually frustrated these insaniacs are (the characters in the film, not us, but now you mention it...) Obligatory props are extended to Jack Cardiff, and the ghosts of our Dark Knight episode linger with some voice mail.

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Episode 30: The Idiot Box

So it's Christmas apparently, and in our usual style, we are putting out an episode that has absolutely no baring on the festive season whatsoever.  What we do have though is a looong overdue look or four of our favourite TV shows.

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Episode 29.2: The Dark Knight, Part 2

As promised, here (promptly, no less) is part 2 of our chin-wag about the most recent 'Batman', sorry, 'The Batman' flick.

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Episode 29.1: The Dark Knight, Part 1

This week we take a belated (although we spin it as 'waiting for the dust/hype to settle') look at Christopher Nolan's urban labyrinth.

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Episode 28.2: The Big Lebowski, Part 2

The mayhem continues as the discussion becomes increasingly heated, not to mention slurred.  If anybody wants to quit drinking, try editing a 2 hour plus podcast featuring a drunk you!

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Episode 28.1: The Big Lebowski, Part 1

What happens when you get three (yes, THREE) grown men, feed them a gallon of White Russians and send them off to discuss the 98 cult-athon The Big Lebowski?  Well, come see.  As we harped on for nigh on three hours we are chopping this chap up.

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Episode 27: Dark City

This week we take a look at the influential and underrated sci-noir 'Dark City' 

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