Chin Stroker VS Punter
Episode 3.2: Rear Window, Part 2

It’s time to get some closure on our discussion of ‘Rear Window’. We tie up the plot of the film and discuss its place in pop culture. This weeks extra goodness includes issues as varied as William Shatner’s birthday, Mike wonders ‘what the f#@k is ‘Speed Racer’? and Paul displays ambivalence regarding Chuck Heston.

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Episode 3.1: Rear Window, Part 1

Paul gets opinionated and Mike gets defensive, in the first of our two part look at Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window. Is James Stewart a pervert or a detective? Does it translate to modern audiences? Does the story even really make sense? And just what the heckity WAS that dog digging up? All of these questions and more will, be probed, butchered, buried and dug up. Due to the epic running time, we’ve cut this down to two episodes...

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Episode 2- Shinobi

In an episode almost as long as the film itself, listen to the chaps discuss Ten Shimoyama’s ‘Shinobi – Heart Under Blade’ (2005). Full of stealthy, CGI’d up goodness. Also we look forward to the rest of this years [2008] ‘season of the geek’ as Paul is quizzed about his expectations of this years tidle wave of genre releases.



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Episode 1: Introductions

Paul and Mike introduce themselves and their differing opinions on how films should be viewed, as demonstrated by topics as diverse as; justifying a penchant for David Lynch, and the comedic merits of Arnold’s glorious opus ‘Junior’.


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