Chin Stroker VS Punter
Episode 76: Christmas With the Gremlins

It was the night before Christmas and all through the house, nothing was stirring apart from the two of us, posting this bloody episode! Enjoy! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Episode 75: Moon

Duncan Jones  proves who has all of the filmic talent in the Bowie family this week as the chaps take a look at the (almost) one man show sci-fi picture: "Moon"

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Episode 74: Galaxy Quest

For this episode we take a look at the ultimate comedy homage to Star Trek - "Galaxy Quest". Enjoy Tim Allen "shatnering it up", revel in Sigourney Weavers CGI cleavage! enjoy.

[Just a heads up folks, the audio on this episode has some static from about 16:45-49:40]

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Episode 73: Idiot Box 3

It's that time again folks as Mike and I settle down to discuss the high lights and Low points of the current crop [2009] of T.V shows. Hope you like!!

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Episode 72: Harry Brown

This week we take a look at the new British thriller "Harry Brown" starring Michael Caine. You will never look at O.A.P's the same way again! Thanks to Ian Loring for joining us this week.

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Episode 71: Maverick

We enjoy a little pre-racism scandal Mel Gibson in this weeks discussion. Hope you enjoy this dose of comedy cowboy tomfoolery. Or that it cheers you up at the beginning of a "shit week"!!

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Episode 70: Robocop

Dead or Alive you are coming with us! This week we enjoy 80's uber violent, cyborg laden action flick - Robocop. Cheers to joe for the new artwork.

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Episode 69: The Untouchables

This week we de-construct and dissect Brian De Palma's The Untouchables. Sean Connery at his scene stealing best, De Niro at his basball bat beating best (try saying that after a few). Kevin Costner - is he underated? Thanks to all contributors.

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Episode 68: To V or Not to V

Having both watched the pilot of "V 2009" this week (and to nicely tie up our original coverage of Kenny J's sci-fi mini series) we offer our humble opinions - enjoy! Thanks to Emily for the voice mail but we need more people!

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Episode 67: The Phantom Menace, Part 2

So this is our wrap up of Ep.1, with some listener feedback thrown in... Around the survivors, a perimeter create.

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