Chin Stroker VS Punter
Episode 66: The Phantom Menace, Part 1

After illness, court cases, sociopathic judgement of anyone we don't know, and other assorted maladies we are back to ruin you. Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace. Really, it's time to look a little closer at this puppy. Over-hyped and underrated? Or just a damned mess? That's the topic. Part two soon, Well, the negotiations WERE short.

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Episode 65: Idiot Box- Joss Whedon

Idiot Box – ‘Joss Whedon & TV to Film & Back Again Part 2’ Wowza, how long is THAT title? This week we cast a discerning eye over the filmography of writer/producer/director/feminist/raconteur Joss Whedon. We also look at TV shows that would make great movies, and movies that would make great TV shows.

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Episode 64: First Blood

Paul's Mom's dog Charlie joins us this week, as we look at the first of the rather confusingly numbered RAMBO movies. America's complicated relationship with it's veterans and David Caruso are among the sub-topics struck upon and then quickly forgotten.

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Episode 63: 80's VS 90's

It's another battle this week as it's pastel vs noir, designer stubble vs goatee, Dave Lee Roth vs Kurt Cobain.

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Episode 62: The Princess Bride

This week we take glance at the Rob Reiner directed and William Goldman scripted (from his own novel)fanta-comedy.

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Episode 61: The Day the Earth Stood Still

This week we dig deep and go back to the mesmerizing sci-fi, anti military, Christ parable from 1951. Last weeks Film VS TV debate rages on in our listener feedback section.

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Episode 60: Films VS TV

Self explanatory really! Cheers to Fakeshemp ( for calling in and helping settle things!

[Just a heads up, folks, the audio is a bit wonky on this one.]


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Episode 59: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Wash the taste of the Crystal Skull away with this cool glass of water from 1981.

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Episode 58- Krull

It's classic CvsP as Paul gets angry and Mike gets defensive. James Horner, Rainbows, Fire Mares, and of course, lycra leggins are on the agenda as we look back at the 1983 scifi fantasy mishmash 'Krull'

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Episode 57- Dear John

As a tribute to the passing of a Hollywood great Mr John Hughes, the lads discuss teen movies. What makes a teen movie? why do we love Hughes's movies so much? do we still get 'proper' teen movies today? plus listener feedback aplenty!!

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