Chin Stroker VS Punter
Episode 105- Beginners Guide to Star Trek: The Wraith of Khan

We movie into the ‘second phase’ of Star Trek this week with a lengthy discussion of fan favourite ‘The Wrath of Khan’, as well as a potted history of Trek between where we left off (season 2) and the movie era...

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Episode 104- Hard to Kill

Live show from 17th July 2010… We look at a whole bunch o’ stuff including ‘Repo Men’, ‘Haven’, ‘Inception’, ‘Predators’, ‘The Last Dragon’ and (as our main course) ‘Hard To Kill’…

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Episode 103- Shadow of a Doubt

This week it is like old times as we engage in a drag out knock down brawl over the overlooked Hitchcock thriller.. We also catch up on our TV/movie viewing and gaming for the last week..

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