Chin Stroker VS Punter
Episode 114- Beginners Guide to Star Trek: The Voyage Home DVD Commentary

Synch up those dvd and blu-rays and enjoy the fourth entry in the Shatner/Nimoy movie cycle with us talking all over it!

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Episode 113- The Proposition

A listener request (cheers Vishnu!) and a rare foray into the 'blind watch' for 2005's 'The Proposition' starring Ray Winstone and 'Mike from Neighbours'

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Episode 112- Tango & Cash

After many requests, we look at this late entry in the eighties buddy action cycle, catch up on what we have watched, gently plug the new forums and take some listener feedback

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Bonus Episode: A Conversation with Michael J. Anderson

Long time listeners will know that we do not need any excuse to talk 'Twin Peaks', so it was a pleasure to have a chat with genre legend Michael J Anderson about not only his work as 'The Man From Another Place' in 'Peaks' but his experiences working on Star Trek, The X-Files and Mulholland Drive...

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Episode 111- Sharkey's Machine

In an episode that was originally broadcast live on 28th August 2010, we take a look at Burt Reynolds' (that's right, Burt Reynolds) gritty urban thriller... Is this director Burt's finest hour? Did Mike enjoy Prince of Persia? Which host is wearing 'A-Team' underpants? And what is the definition of 'knockers' All shall be revealed... We also tease a huge new venture we are undertaking with some other 'familiar faces'

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Episode 110- Showgirls

In an epic episode we are joined by Emily from the 'gLeeKast' to discuss Paul Verhoeven's big budget camp-orama 'Showgirls'

Find the Gleekast here:

And Emily's fab blog:

Along the way we take in anime, American horror movies, baseball the perils of bad skin in HD

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Episode 109- Akira

The lads look at the influential anime 'Akira'.

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Episode 108- Beginners Guide to Star Trek: The Search for Spock

Another 'Beginners Guide To Star Trek' this week as we look at movie number three, the Leonard Nimoy directed 'Search For Spock'

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Episode 107- 12 Monkeys

This week we take a listener request (see, we do listen) and cover Terry Gilliam’s 1995 sci-fi (kind of) remake ‘12 Monkeys’

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Episode 106- In the Heat of the Night

We class things up a little this week with a discussion of Norman Jewison’s 1967 drama ‘In The Heat Of The Night’.

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