Chin Stroker VS Punter
Episode 105- Beginners Guide to Star Trek: The Wraith of Khan

We movie into the ‘second phase’ of Star Trek this week with a lengthy discussion of fan favourite ‘The Wrath of Khan’, as well as a potted history of Trek between where we left off (season 2) and the movie era...

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Episode 104- Hard to Kill

Live show from 17th July 2010… We look at a whole bunch o’ stuff including ‘Repo Men’, ‘Haven’, ‘Inception’, ‘Predators’, ‘The Last Dragon’ and (as our main course) ‘Hard To Kill’…

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Episode 103- Shadow of a Doubt

This week it is like old times as we engage in a drag out knock down brawl over the overlooked Hitchcock thriller.. We also catch up on our TV/movie viewing and gaming for the last week..

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Episode 102- Summer of Testosterone

Ian from Cinerama ( joins us this week to discuss Smokin’ Joe’s ‘A-Team’ adaptation, ‘The Losers’ and the summer of the ‘Mangasm’. This episode originally ran at 3 hrs 45 minutes but was cut down to two and a half due to intense sequences of graphic vileness and slander… We also do some listener feedback and Bill from the Nowhere In Mulberry podcast ( swings by…

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Episode 101- Twin Peaks: An Overview

This week we take a break from live episodes to have along overdue look at 90’s pop-cult phenomenon ‘Twin Peaks’. A few myths are busted and both seasons of the show get deconstructed... 

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Episode 100

How the hell did this happen...? There have been 100 episodes of CHIN STROKER VS PUNTER!! And as we did with our half-hundred (aka: 50th) episode, we hand the reins to our listeners and take questions from both our email basket (, our phone lines ( 206-339-7698 if you’re are in America, and 001-206-339-7698 if you are a fellow Brit) and from the chat-room (full of folks who kindly joined us LIVE at: Things inevitably get ‘tired and emotional’ Oh and as Metal Mikey asked so nicely, and as it is our Birthday, here are the ‘abused child scrawling’ also known as ‘Mike’s notes’

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Episode 99- Blockbusters

For our 99th ep we take a look at the changing face of ‘the blockbuster’, discuss it’s meaning and ponder some of the trends and big-players in this prevalent form of movie making (thanks to Cinerama’s Ian Loring for the suggestion..) Cheers to the guys who joined us live in the chat-room as a tech test for episode 100...

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Episode 98- Amok Time/Spartacus: Blood & Sand

Packed show this week as we not only close out our "Original Series" Trek coverage, with the Season Two episode: Amok Time, we also do a wrap up of season one of the really rather insane "Spartacus: Blood & Sand".

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Episode 97: Westworld

Michael Crichton's first run through of his "theme park run amok" predilection "Westworld" gets a look-see this week, and we also catch up on our general viewing and a spot of listener feedback...

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Episode 96- Beginners Guide to Star Trek: City on the Edge of Forever

This week we move closer to the end of the TOS (that's "the original series" to civilians) era of Trek with the Harlan Ellison's well regarded, literate "City On The Edge of Forever"

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