Chin Stroker VS Punter
Episode 148- Pot Pourri & Procrastinations: What We've Been Watching special

Due to the last two episodes of CvsP being devoid of the 'what we've been watching segment' we catch up with a bumper look at MANY things we have been checking out...

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Episode 147- Beginners Guide to Star Trek TNG: Sarek

Second time lucky? So, we have been plagued by technical problems these last few weeks, including a discussion of this episode (Season Three, Episode 23) of the Next Gen. As not to waste the tiny amount of prep we put into the 'lost' show, we decided to do a commentary track, so watch the ep and synch up the episode to watch along. Also on the tech front, we experimented with some new kit and it was a total failure so apologies for the slightly abrasive audio quality (back to normal next ep)

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Bonus Episode- A Conversation with Mark Frost

Long time listeners will know that we have made reference to and provided coverage of the influential, surreal mystery series 'Twin Peaks'. We have already done an overview of the show, had Michael J Anderson on to discuss his career and contributions, but this is the biggie: this week Mike sits down for a chat with co-creator of Twin Peaks, Mark Frost.

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Episode 146: Stake Land

This week we make a return to the horror genre, this time in the shape of the bleak, vampire road movie 'Stake Land'. Will Paul be able to get past his general dislike of the genre, and its current over-reliance on gritty realism and the apocalypse?

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Episode 145: Stroker Ace

You better believe we're back in BURT-LAND as we return to the oeuvre of a certain Hal Needham, for a discussion of the 1983 Nascar comedy 'Stroker Ace' If that's not your bag, then why not check out the 'what we've watched' and/or voicemail sections...

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Episode 144: Evil Dead

As the PSA at the outset will clarify, it's a short one this week as our editing software ate the 'what we've watched' section, and the sound quality is a little sub-par due to associated tech-fails (still listen-able though I reckon, says I). What you DO get is a discussion of Sam Raimi's debut, and Mary Whitehouse-baiting splatterfest.

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Episode 143- Beginners Guide to Star Trek TNG: Yesterday's Enterprise

This week we take a look at the season three episode of the Next Generation. Apologies for the slightly sub-par audio quality of this and (heads up) the next ep of the show, we were experimenting with new settings and they were somewhat of a fail'

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Episode 142: Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives

This week, Paul blows minds by picking Apichatpong Weerasethakul's Cannes bothering piece of surrealism from last year.

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Episode 141- Superman: The Movie

Long, debauched show this week as Mike, Paul & Jane take a look Richard Donner's 1978 blockbuster 'Superman' Pretty epic catch up on what we've been watching since last week including, well... you'll have to listen to see (yeah, I can't remember...)

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Episode 140- Beginners Guide to Star Trek TNG: Q Who?

So it's another ep of The Next Generation as we are introduced to the Borg in this season two installment.

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