Chin Stroker VS Punter
Episode 129- Battle Royale

We look deep at Kinji Fukasaku's controversial 'Battle Royale'

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Episode 128- Non-Live, Live Show: The BEST

Confused yes? Ok here’s the skinny, we were gonna do a live show this month, but the tech (and scheduling) conspired so we went ahead with the recording, but didn’t broadcast it live over Ustream. As per ‘real’ live show’s it is a ‘topic’ show this week as we discuss the concept of ‘the best’. We have all seen the lists of “The best film of all time...” and this poses many questions.. Do we agree with them? Who writes these things? Are ‘favourite’ and ‘best’ different? Should they be? Do we care? Did we do ANY planning for this show?? Throw in a displaced chat about our recent viewing and some listener feedback and it almost feels like a podcast... 

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Episode 127- Ghostbusters

Yep, we're cleaning up the town...

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Episode 126- Dawn of The Dead

After a short break to rehydrate after a hard partying Xmas break, we are back with a look at George Romero's second trip to zombieland. We have a bumper catch up on what we have watched in the meantime.

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Episode 125- Xmas Live Show/2010 Round Up

Our 2010 round up originally broadcast live on Xmas eve 2010

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