Chin Stroker VS Punter
181: The Italian Job (1969)

This week we get just a little patriotic and look at the national institution that is 'The Italian Job'

As ususal we catch up on what we've been watching in the meantime and do some listener feedback.

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180: 4th Birthday Show!!

It's been a long road...

So it is (a little over) 4 years since we started 'coming in your ears' so let's pull the curtain back and go 'behind the podcast' and answer your questions, ranging from how we got started, fave moments and who we would like to facialize.

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179: Off Topic, Fantasy Crossovers & The Future of Star Wars

This week we kick back with an 'off topic' show where we discuss the Avengers, fantasy film/tv crossovers and the future of the Star Wars franchise.

What do YOU think?

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