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BONUS EPISODE: What's Your Damage: Episode 1

This is the first ep of the new 80's-focused podcast Mike is doing with Noel from 35mm Heroes, enjoy..

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New CvsP tomorrow!

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183: Total Recall (1990)

Yeah, it's been way too long since we covered an Arnie movie, so here is a discussion of the (loose) Phillip K Dick adaptation Total Recal from 1990

We run through a catch up on what we have been watching and do some listener feedback too.

Check out Mike's side-project podcast 'What's Your Damage'? here

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182: Beginners Guide to Trek: First Contact

All good things...

We finish off the Next Generation era of our Beginners Guide to Star Trek sequence by looking at the second of the Next Gen movies, 1996's First Contact.

we also look at the other TNG movies and catch up on what we've been watching including Menin Black 3, 16 Candles and Prometheus.

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