Chin Stroker VS Punter
202: The Santa Clause

As promised we are back to our regular format with a timely look at this modern Christmas classic.

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201 What We've Been Watching

After the self gratification of ep 200 we catch up on what we've been watching the last few weeks including (amongst others) Santa Clause: The Movie and the Bourne Legacy

Back to business as usual next week


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Episode 200!!!

Hey all, so we made it. This weeks is our 200th episode and it has it all: singing, guitar playing, feedback and a look back at the show's history.

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199: Pelada (2010)

We take a rare stroll into the sporting world with this inspirational football doc

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198: Le Samourai

As we approach our 200th we class things up with a look at this French classic.

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BONUS: Chinerama, 100 Minutes/100 Movies

Some extra content for you, just for the sheer heck of it.

Mike from CvsP joins Ian from Cinerama to try and review/analyse 100 films in 100 minutes. That's right, your favourite wafflers are limited to sicty seconds to talk about 100 of their favorite films


Chin Stroker VS Punter:

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197: The Package

This week we have a MASSIVE 'what we've been watching session' to prepare us for this cold war (just!) thriller.

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196: Red Dwarf

To celebrate the new series we look back at some key episodes of the comedy sci-fi before doing a 'live' review of the premiere ep of the new series

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195: Beginners Guide to Trek: DS9 - Necessary Evil

We dig deeper into the black sheep of the Trek family with this episode from season 2 of Deep Space Nine.

We also do a little catching up onm what we've been watching lately.

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194: Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Collector's Edition)

As we draw closer to our 200th we start to bust out the big guns with some Spielberg eye-candy.

As we are want to do, we also catch up with what we've been watching and do some feedback.

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