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Art VS entertainment? Style over content?
Schindler's List or Weekend at Bernie's?!!
Two film fans in Birmingham, England.
One is a chin stroker.
The other is a punter.
Discussion ensues....

Apr 30, 2020

Mike (aka Chinstroker) and Hannah (aka Mrs. Chinstroker) move onto their next lockdown franchise rewatch, and it's a biggie: ROCKY. That's right, 8 movies are covered including all six Rocky movies and Creed 1 and 2.

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Apr 26, 2020

Something a little different this week as we make a rare departure from film and TV to talk about videogames, our memories, nostalgia and expectations for the future. We recorded back to back eps so expect plenty of content in the coming week or so.

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Apr 15, 2020

Mike and Hannah update on how things are going as we approach week 3 of lock-down, including Easter movie viewing and a catch up on the movie franchises we have been burning through, as well as Hannah's persistent refusal to watch The Mandalorian.



Apr 12, 2020

Some free-form fun this week as Paul and Mike take questions from listeners, share some memories of working at a cinema, talk about what films we would make if we had a blank cheque and some other odds and sods like the Bad Boys films and Stephen King sequel Dr Sleep.

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Apr 3, 2020

Mike is joined by podcaster, stand-up, filmmaker, mental health advocate and non profiter Brian Higgins (of ) to discuss the timely topic of retreating into movie nostalgia, is it healthy and what so we go to in times like these...?

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