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Art VS entertainment? Style over content?
Schindler's List or Weekend at Bernie's?!!
Two film fans in Birmingham, England.
One is a chin stroker.
The other is a punter.
Discussion ensues....

Jun 15, 2021

In this bonus ep, Mike is thrilled to have another catch-up with friend of the show Patricia Tallman.

Pat is an actress, stunt performer, writer, events organiser, business owner and bon vivant extraordinaire. Pat and Mike discuss her career including her 45-year friendship with Tom Savini, running a geeky tourism...

May 31, 2021

Long time listeners will know that here on Chin Stroker VS Punter we are big fans of David Lynch and Mark Frosts Twin Peaks. Central to the show was iconic presence of actress Sherilyn Fenn and we are very lucky to be joined by her for this bonus episode.

Sherilyn is a legendary figure, from early cult classics like The...

Feb 20, 2021

Mike from Chin Stroker VS Punter speaks to Jamie Benning, the director, producer and editor of Star Wars Begins, Building Empire, Returning to Jedi, Raiding the Lost Ark and Inside Jaws; documentary repurposings of your favourite blockbusters.This interview is part of the FAN/CREATOR series of videos, podcasts...