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Art VS entertainment? Style over content?
Schindler's List or Weekend at Bernie's?!!
Two film fans in Birmingham, England.
One is a chin stroker.
The other is a punter.
Discussion ensues....

Jul 30, 2023

On the audio edition of the latest ep of Chin Stroker VS Punter, Mike and Paul do battle over:

00:00 - Intro
08:20 - Dungeons and Dragons Honour Among Thieves (Paul's take) REVIEW
12:30 - R.E.M. By MTV REVIEW
21:00 - The Flash (Paul's Take) REVIEW
29:30 - Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 3 REVIEW
36:30 -...

Jul 21, 2023

On the audio version of the latest Chin Stroker VS Punter film & tv podcast we discuss and review:

00:00 - Hollywood on Strike! - Discussion
11:00 - In The Mouth of Madness - REVIEW
20:30 - Indiana Jones and The Dial of Destiny - REVIEW #dialofdestiny 
33:30 - Sisu - REVIEW #sisu 
41:20 - Guardians of The Galaxy Volume...

Jul 7, 2023

We cover all of out recent film and TV viewing on the latest AUDIO episode of Chinstroker VS Punter, including:

00:00 -  The A-Team Pilot Episode and Captain Power talk 
07:45 - Still: A Michael J Fox Movie REVIEW
15:30 - Ant-man and the Wasp Quantumania (Paul's take)
22:00 - Sudden Death REVIEW
29:30 - Rocky Horror...