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Art VS entertainment? Style over content?
Schindler's List or Weekend at Bernie's?!!
Two film fans in Birmingham, England.
One is a chin stroker.
The other is a punter.
Discussion ensues....

Apr 7, 2024

We truely embrace our roots as Paul and Mike clash over the 1984 Prince vehicle 'Purple Rain', catch up on what we have been watching and do a little listener feedback.

Episode timings:

00:00 - Intro
04:20 - Purple Rain -REVIEW
35:00 - Godzilla (2014) King Skull Island and Godzilla King of Monsters - REVIEWS 
48:00 -...

Mar 17, 2024

Afrer a surgery induced haitus we are back!

On the latest CSVSP we return to our old format as we have a feature review (1954's Gojira/Godzilla) as well as 'what we've been watching' and listern feedback segments. We hope you enjoy the new/old format!

Episode timings:

0:00 - Intro
10:07 - Godzilla Minus One REVIEW

Jan 22, 2024

On latest ep of ChinStroker VS Punter, Mike and Paul discuss, review and riff-on:

00:00 - Intro
05:00 - Shin Godzilla REVIEW
15:00 - Classic Doctor Who Rewatch Update
30:10 - Monarch (full season one) REVIEW
40:10 - Foundation Season One REVIEW
52:30 - Fist of the North Star (1986) REVIEW
01:00:00 - Five Nights at...